Total Time: Settle in. It’s Gonna Take Some Work

Level: Medium

DSC_1534 (1024x681)

Nothing says Homecoming Dance fun like a Pirate themed party. The secret to success? Larger than life decorations, gold spray paint, and a wicked cool Art Deco Building. Mixed together with a few craft injuries and late work nights, it’s the perfect recipe for salty, Sea Dog fun! Stay tuned for individual tutorials, but for now, here’s how I put it all together.


  • 30 Over-sized black balloons – the bigger the better
  • 30 Fabric Tassels in Piratey Colors
  • 75 Floating Candles
  • 6 Packing Box Crates
  • 6 Concrete Tube Pillars
  • River Rock for Pirate Booty
  • Yards and Yards of Muslin Fabric for Sails
  • More Gold Spray Paint and Glitter Than You Ever Thought Humanely Possible
  • Coffee. So. Much. Coffee



  1. Hoist the Main Sail!. If you’re lucky enough to have 3 or 4 large pillars in your location (and I was) they make for pretty good ship masts. Simply cover with adhesive vinyl to transform into beams, attach additional lengths of PVC pipe, hang fabric, and quicker than you can say, “Shiver Me Timbers”, you’ve got yourself a pirate ship.DSC_1519 (681x1024)
  2. Raise the Flag. No Pirate ship is complete without a Jolly Roger or two. Use decorative duct tape to cover the cheap looking grommets and hang from the top of your masts.DSC_1525 (681x1024)
  3. Load Cargo. Use large packing boxes to hide any objects too large or heavy to move. Use billboard paper printed with a wood design to cover boxes. Liquid starch works great as an easy paper mache glue.
  4. Set Anchor. Use concrete tubes from your local hardware store to create pillars or buoys. Cover with the same adhesive paper and wrap with a few lengths of rope to complete the effect.
  5. Blow Me Down. Use a few  over-sized balloons to fill a large area. It makes a more dramatic impact than dozens of smaller ones, and saves time. Use gold spray paint and gold glitter to add a bit of sparkle. Attach a few fabric tassels for color.DSC_1526 (1024x681)
  6. Light the Way. Hang floating candles from the ceiling for a spooky Piratey feel. Use tealights equipped with timers so you don’t have to worry about turning on individual lights before the party. Rolled card stock and a small mountain of hot glue are all you need to create these little beauties.
  7. Hunt for Treasure. Use rocks or even chunks of concrete for Pirate Booty. Spray with metallic gold spray paint to create chunks of gold. Add a few doubloons and some jewels and you have a bounty any pirate would be proud to lay claim to.DSC_1535 (681x1024)

For more Pirate ideas, check out the individuals tutorials*, and visit our Pineterest Board.

*Crafts and tutorials SHOULD be posted on Mondays.






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